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Questions and Answers

How long it takes to finish the course is entirely up to you. The course is designed to fit a busy schedule. The average completion time is 5-6 weeks, if you are investing 3-5 hours every week into the coursework. We recommend not rushing to finish the course, and allowing time for self-reflection and for your insights to sink in. You will have lifetime access to the course, so even if you have to take a break, it will always be there when you are ready to come back to it.

The group calls are a premium feature, designed to provide deeper support for your personal evolution.

A small group of course participants meet in a video call for an hour once a week. We facilitate the calls to allow people to discuss what they are going through, what they’re struggling with or stuck on, and help them resolve their challenges as a group. It’s a supportive, non-competitive, yet positively challenging environment that is designed to allow the space for transformation to unfold.

10 video lessons
Downloadable lesson slides
Written exercises (mandatory)
Classmate chat group
Links to additional resources
Exclusive never-published Future Thinkers interviews
Weekly group calls (premium)

Whether you’re a change-maker, entrepreneur, executive, educator, parent, or simply someone who is dedicated to your personal evolution, increasing your sovereignty can work wonders for your life.

This course is ideal for you if:

You’re committed to investing the time and effort to do the exercises and self-evaluate your attitudes and behaviours, even when it’s not easy.
You can admit to yourself that you are often not operating from a state of sovereignty.
You want to live your life on your own terms, not someone else’s.
You’re willing to invest in your personal evolution and making meaningful progress towards becoming the best version of you.

If after taking the course and completing all the coursework, you decide that it isn’t for you, email us within 60 days of your purchase, and we will refund the cost of the course.

Yes. If you would like to take the course with a friend or a group of colleagues, just edit the quantity you need at checkout, and the bulk discount will be applied automatically.

The discounts are:

5% for cart total over $500
15% for cart total over $1000
20% for cart total over $2000

While the benefits are focused on the individual, the effect is multiplied with teams. At work, you might notice you have:

Better focus and clarity
More responsibility and leadership
Improved emotional health
More energy
Increased resilience and fortitude

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Our mission is to support the evolution of technology, society, and consciousness so that we can all be better adapted to the future.



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