This course is special. If you are ready for it you will be taught to integrate deep knowledge, skills and a new consciousness. You will develop a clear awareness for your potential and how to be the active part in your life. I only needed one thing to start...

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This is the first course that I’ve done where I started engaging with the community in a meaningful way. It is more embodied than reading and reflecting individually. Even if it is digital, it sparks interest and desire to engage in conversations with the others.

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The course assignments are more embodied, they require you to actually do things, not just write essays. Unlike other courses that come only from their specific field or niche of analysis, whereas this one integrates different theories and has the depth and breadth of lenses to view yourself through.

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I would highly recommend joining the weekly calls part of the course. There are so many self-help and personal development courses that you can get online, but you can’t get the kind of feedback from the people from all courses of life, insights into your blind spots, or the...

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I just wanted to say I’ve been finding them so valuable–so many nuggets of wisdom that have impacted my path in such a short time, and just being on the calls gives me a weekly appointment with staying present outside my comfort zone in a safe environment (what better...

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Making sense of the world and yourself can seem daunting and scary, this course really helped me to put abstract ideas into concrete tools and goals to set for myself. This can really push you towards becoming your best self through terms that are achievable and quantifiable. This course...

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Daniel Suett

All the cultural narratives in my life had stopped making any sense to me – I felt extremely lost. This course has helped me document where I am in my life and where I’m going. I like that this course is very active, rather than passive. Since you’re taking...

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